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We provide the visitors and vendors of the Hartford Independent Fairgrounds with telephone, internet, and video services. Call or click "Order Online" today to begin working with a dedicated representative.

Free Public WiFi

We provide free, ad supported WiFi services for 10 minutes to visitors. Always-on connections available for as low as $10 per day!

On-site Support

We have technicians on-site during large events to assist with any network issues.

NetSteady FiMax

Our unique service delivery methods, like the NetSteady FiMax system, allow us to keep prices reasonable.

Telephone Services

We provide digital and analog phone services for vendors who need to communicate while on-site.

WiFi Advertising

Act as a sponsor our Free Public WiFi, and everyone who logs in will see your advertisement!

Digital Signs

Maximize your visibility with rentable digital signs. We can install, operate, and manage them for you!